Spawn Illuminati HD (Art, Fireworks and Light-Show) App Reviews

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Amazing use of all the functions designed for the iPhone very arty app.

Simply wonderful

And so relaxing

Bof bof

Pas hallucinant... Inutil est lutilisation est un peu complexe

Performance issue

Singe the latest update, spawn has a big performance issue. It lags. Pls fix that.

Just beautiful

Very beautiful and relaxing.


How the hell do u work this thing????? I got this thing cuz the patterns looked cool. I cant even use this thing!! I liked the last one cuz it was simple. ($&@"?¡:/%#*^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really cool, but the instructions are way to brief. There should be a start button, and a way to get back to the instructions. I am a screen saver honk, so I like it. The accelerometer should be more sensitive too. Fun stuff.

So amazing!!

I just love the magical effect, this application is worth its price, hope to see more amazing upgrades in the future.

Well, they listen to feedback

I still dont appreciate that it asks you to buy things every time you open it. Im getting used to the controls I suppose. But accidental pausing is occuring when I simply just have 2 fingers on the screen.


Well made application. I dont know why some people are complaining about the menu, it has additional effects. Recent update added a page that simply informs you of their other apps and a video preview of upcoming features. I can watch this application run for so long. Definitely worth the $0.99. This app is a .


wow omg this application is truly amazing. For once something in the world is actually better looking than the pictures that show you what its SUPPOSED to look like, great for playing while listening to music, its like an interactive visualizer and it will just blow your mind. Definitely worth the money

Stunning and beautiful

Great update, sparkle mode is pretty sweet. Even if it is unable to have more than 8 spawns, it surely makes up for it in trippyness. As said in the app store "once you discover symmetry, its all over." No person should be allowed to have an iTouch without at least the free version

Fix please

Great app, but I updated without realizing it was going to keep crashing. Hopefully this will be fixed ASAP so I can try symmetry mode


Symmetry mode :) but i cant play cause of update :( o well i kno ull fix it 


Downloaded latest update. Now cant even open app. Just keeps loading the startup screen and then automatically closing itself.


Yaythe update works now

Speechless Damazing. I dont know what else to say

All fixed, best app ever

Yay all is good.....thank you


Truly one of the best art games on the market and absolulely the best I have ever played. Any art game that is required to give you a notice of inducing siesures is a good game The one thing I have been awaiting with no avail, however, is a function or fix that enables/dissables the beams of light doing their own thing. I think it would be cool to see the beams go in every direction and watch them Anyways, thank you for this app Keep up the good work


Really confusing

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